Welcome to Madeira

“The atlantic pearl”
“ The flower island”
“The paradise for hikers”

So many expressions that perfectly characterize the island of Madeira with its rich and fertile land, watered by a heavenly semi-tropical climate, nick named the "eternal spring", which allows the varied flora to develop freely everywhere. Madeira therefore deserves all these designations and the honorific title of "the floating garden of the atlantic".

L’île de Madère

Touring and Trekking in Madeira

Accompanied by a certified and official mountain guide living in Funchal, your journey in the full island tour will be done sometimes by road, always between land and sea, along the routes by the ocean as far as the eye can see or that penetrate the many green valleys, sometimes on foot for sumptuous walks in the heart of virgin and intimate spaces, leading to unforgettable landscapes. Immerse yourself in the history of Madeira and its gastronomy: you will have the opportunity to enjoy local culinary specialties, taste the wine of Madeira's international reputation, chosen to celebrate the Independence of the United States, discover the history of sugarcane cultivation, which once attracted world-famous traders like Christopher Columbus, and today allows the production of one of the best rums in the world. Are you looking for a tailor-made holiday in Madeira? Move closer to me, I will give you his secrets. The Madeira Intimate travel agency.

An intimate journey for a memorable week.

Porto Santo

45 km north east of Madeira. History tells us that it was discovered in 1418 and Christopher Columbus lived there for two years.

Nicknamed the Golden Island because of its 9km long beach made of fine golden sand (with therapeutic virtues), it is bathed by the ocean which tones oscillate between emerald green and turquoise blue.

In this place with a moderate climate, the change of scenery is total. Here reigns tranquility and relaxation. A certain idea of well being.
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