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Stay in Madeira - Day 3: The picturesque north west

Visit the northwest coast of Madeira, its multiple villages by the sea, its secret hinterland, the magnificent view of the ocean from its cliffs that plunge abruptly into the sea ...

You start the day by visiting the caves of St Vincent. Discovered in the middle of the 19th century, they would have been formed 900 000 years ago. You will admire vaults lined with stalactites, lagoons, mosses specific to this area, The exhibition at the Volcanism Center explains the birth of the archipelago. Then we leave for the discovery of the northwest coast along the coastal road.

You will have lunch in Porto Moniz, at the Aqua Natura restaurant which offers delicious traditional cuisine revisited, in a room overlooking the natural pools and the Atlantic.

Then we leave for the village of Santa which offers a sumptuous view of the sea from its cliffs plunging abruptly into the sea. We will hike up to Porto Moniz along a paved path (depending on the weather, the walking route will be adapted) and upon arrival you will have the opportunity to swim in the natural pools formed by the lava flows.

The return to the hotel will be by the same road as the outward journey.

The typical full dinner will be taken at the hotel restaurant.

Restaurante Aqua Natura Madeira Hotel

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