Stay in Madeira - day 7: Funchal, the capital

Vendredi: Funchal, la capitale

Day dedicated to visiting the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of Madeira, Funchal: The covered market sheltering fruits, flowers, vegetables, crafts and fish, the old city (15th century) and its painted doors, the cathedral...

Stay in Madeira - Day 5: South west, sunny coast

Le sud ouest, côté soleil

Visit the south west coast of Madeira, the sunny coast where the villages abound or flourish on its methodically arranged slopes and cultivated, a multitude of exotic fruits and vegetables...

Stay in Madeira - Day 6: An island of contrasts

Une île de contrastes

Madeira is also a central cordillera with sharp peaks, a maritime capital with an urban atmosphere, countless subtropical green hills, arid wilderness with vertiginous cliffs, a humid laurel forest in the tropics ...

Stay in Madeira - Day 4: In the heart of Madeira

Au coeur de Madère

Departure to the center of the island for a "nature discovery" day in the heart of the original forest Laurisilva, the laurel forest, which dates from the tertiary era, protected by UNESCO since 1999 ...

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