• Album photo des groupes de montagnes accompagnés à Madère
group MFR Mauriac

Reviews group MFR Mauriac 2023

Mobility Erasmus

For the second time we called on Ludovic to organize our Erasmus mobility in Funchal for our professional baccalaureate landscaping students...

family Lavrilleux

Reviews family Lavrilleux

Hiking, gastronomy and culture stay

We spent 15 days of star hiking in Madeira, guided by the exceptional Ludovic.
This trip was much more than just an adventure - it was a true odyssey through the natural, cultural and culinary wonders of this island paradise.

family Simon

Reviews family Simon

Magnificent cultural and gastronomic trip

Our family discovery of Madeira went very well. This charming island has managed to captivate us both with the landscapes it offers and with its lush flora.
We were accompanied for this by Ludovic from Madere Intime, who took on the challenge of organizing a tour for us in a very short time and during the high season.

group Malichier

Reviews group Malichier

Private excursions east and west of Madeira

We did 2 guided tours: one for a day for the west of the island and a day for the east of the island. The 2 guides that Ludovic found us were great and the circuits magnificent.

group Andelle Randonnée

Reviews hiking group Andelle Randonnée

Hiking trip with Madère Intime

Our group of 13 friends went hiking on the island of Madeira. It was a magnificent visit orchestrated by Ludovic our Madeira Intime guide who was able to show us all the facets of this magnificent island thanks to his extensive knowledge.

group Judic

Reviews group Judic – programm gastronomy, culture and hiking

Excellent trip with friends

A pure joy, Ludovic did everything to ensure that we had a wonderful stay, he is a very attentive guide who knew how to adapt gradually depending on the weather, our desires, and finally our excellent physical shape (humor).

club rando 65

Reviews group club rando 65

Madeira intimitate and unmissable

With Ludovic, you will enter the intimacy of his island, without forgetting the essentials. Ludovic is a serious guide, conscientious in listening to his clients - I should write friends -, careful, knowing how to adapt to the weather and the difficulties of the course.

group Bourdais

Reviews group Bourdais – Chuzel – Wattelet - Chartrain

Only happiness with Madère Intime

How to reconcile the physical side of discovering this sublime island with the pleasure of discovering Madeiran gastronomy.. With MADERE INTIME it’s possible.. and in French! Ludovic's experience is impressive

family Jacquot

Reviews family Jacquot

Island and agency at the top

We asked Ludovic from the Madere Intime agency for support in organizing a “free” stay in Madeira as a family (with 2 teenagers) in April 2023.
We were delighted! as much by the service provided as by the discovery of this island with breathtaking landscapes and very welcoming inhabitants.

couple Baum

Reviews couple Baum

Magical change of scenery

Hikes with magnificent landscapes.
The people, the food...everything was great. Our guide Ludovic had put together a great program for us with a daily hike also combining the discovery of local specialties (food and alcohol).

group France Outdoors

Reviews group France Outdoors

Hiking with a group of 24 irish people

I have been a mountain guide in Italy for many years and I joined Ludovic to accompany a group of 24 hikers for a week. This was our first experience as a duo. It was he who chose and planned the daily program in accordance with the requests and capacities of the group and the stay went perfectly well.

Reviews Groupe club rando 65

Reviews Groupe club rando 65

Around Madeira in 9 days

Great trip to Madeira perfectly organized by Ludovic, he is someone who does his best to satisfy you.

Reviews Groupe Divetain

Reviews Groupe Divetain

Get off the beaten track...

We were taken care of by our guide Ludo as soon as we got off the plane. Walks in splendid and varied landscapes.

reviews Groupe Lebaube

Reviews Groupe Lebaube

Superb trip

We finally made this trip after two difficult years. This trip was very well organized by Ludovic according to our requests.

group Erasmus MFR Mauriac

Reviews group Erasmus MFR Mauriac

A perfect professional stay!

March 2022

If we managed to take our group of students on an Erasmus internship in Madeira, it's thanks to Ludovic! He created links with local companies so that the internships went as smoothly as possible. 

Review Group Tigre Vanillé 2021

Review Group Tigre Vanillé 2021

I was in dire need of decompressing when I embarked for Madeira this autumn. The visit to this island with Polynesian reliefs, with vegetation that could not be more generous, with calm and pleasant inhabitants entrusted to the masterful hands of Ludovic was in all respects a source of rejuvenation!

group Pépin

Reviews group Pépin

From the first contacts to the arrival in Funchal, it has been a long road, the Covid 19 pandemic having intervened along the way to delay and complicate the departure.

14 days of discovering the royal trails and paths or not, steep descents and climbs just as much, with a Ludovic who knows his island like the back of his hand… from his feet.

group Marey Vignard

Reviews group Marey Vignard

A 10-day stay that took place magnificently on the theme of gastronomy, culture and hiking. Thanks to an excellent program very well balanced and presenting all aspects of the island.

group Tonnard

Reviews group Tonnard

We have been visiting Madeira Island regularly since 2018 with the intimate Madeira agency and its fabulous guide Ludovic. In July 2020, we opted for the gastronomic hike formula with the Berlémont family.

groupe Perrot

Reviews family Gosselin

The goal was to discover the variety of Madeira landscapes as a family. Ludovic helped us a lot! We recommend it to access a lot of beautiful things, our trip was top. Thanks Ludovic

R. Gosselin


group Gérardin/Batteur

Reviews group Gérardin & Batteur

Finally Madeira! Great, not disappointed. Thank you Ludo. The holidays are beautiful
Françoise D.

And the great dishes! Traditional cuisine as we do not know it anymore! And walks within reach of the mini hiker that I am.
Guy B.

family Kurth

Reviews family Kurth

This discovery of Madeira, in such a short time, was exceptional because of the diversity of activities and the very good and personalized organization that Ludovic put in place for our family. It was faultless !!! With a lot of professionalism.

group Durr Carle Odin

Reviews group Durr, Carle & Perrier

Obrigado and obrigada for the discovery of Madeira. With its extraordinary landscapes, between land and sea.

group Lazzerini

Reviews group Lazzerini

We are delighted with our stay. We will not forget you !!!

Martinelie I.

group Perrot

Reviews group Perrot

Ludo, you are the encyclopedia of Madeira and your love of this island, you knew how to transmit it to us on so many plans! Geologist, botanist, tireless hiker, gourmet, good drinker, kind, human and adaptable to people of old age like us and so rebellious to any discipline: you conquered us and we thank you for having become the very emblem of Madeira . No better introduction

Catherine S.

group Le Bihan

Reviews group Le Bihan

An unforgettable stay thanks to the richness of the discovered landscapes, the quality of the explanations of the life in Madeira, its history, its gastronomy. Thank you to our guide Ludovic who has responded well to our expectations, always present from our arrival at the airport until we leave, and this in a warm atmosphere. Experience to recommend.
The Tourangeaux

family Vagne

Reviews family Vagne

As a couple with 3 children (16, 11 and 8 years), we did a week of gastronomy, culture and ecological hiking in Madeira.

Ludovic made us discover with enthusiasm and passion his island. We enjoyed the good addresses and good tables offered throughout the stay. A real discovery of Madeira very intimate and magical.

A very nice week of discoveries and crazy laughs or Ludovic has allowed everyone to satisfy his passion. A big thank you for the discovery of the magnificent views and the patience during the long sessions of photos of landscapes and sunset.

Pierre Arnaud V.

group Dupuis

Reviews group Dupuis & parents

Ludo our guide picked us up at the airport for a week staying with us all the time. Thank you to you Ludo for your professionalism and your kindness you made us discover your island by your knowledge in history flora the good addresses you took us to excellent restaurants to feast and impregnate us with the local life and its inhabitants.
Michel D.

Group Seka

reviews group Seka

A wonderful stay, well prepared by Ludovic who is a perfect guide for his professionalism and knowledge both as a guide and on the historical and cultural level. Hotels and restaurants super well chosen to immerse themselves totally in the local life. Thank you
Marie T.

Simmons Family

Reviews Family Simmons

A wonderful Chrismas period in Madeira

The Christmas trip to Madeira (22 - 30 dec) was great, especially due to the efforts of our terrific guide Ludo. In all honesty, I do not think I have had a better guide than Ludo during all of my trips thus far. His enthusiasm to show the best parts of the island (he really knows every nook and cranny) and his innate ability to tell a clear story in a cool and collective manner while passing beautiful sceneries in his comfortable car make the trips around the island absolutely worthwhile.

Commentaires Allibert du 27/04/2013 au 04/05/2013

Reviews group Favre

"All the thanks of the Savoyards to Luis, Ludwig, Ludo, Ludovic for his attention, his good plans, his botanical knowledge, signs before runners of a perfect success in his future activities"
Mireille, Philippe, Jacques, Anne Marie, Christian, Martine, Jacques, Bernadette, Jacqueline, Aimé

Reviews group Wutrich

"Traveling is better knowing and getting to know each other ... thank you for this unique week"

"Thank you Ludovic for this week of discovering your passion"
Sabrina and Olivier

Reviews group Audoux

"Thank you very much for this wonderful week"

"Bravo for your adaptability"

"From the trotting trails, with all our friendship"

Commentaires Allibert du 08 au 15/06/2013

Reviews group Collet

"I thank you for making us have a good stay and I still have in mind the images of the circuit ... the beauty of this island. Good to you "

"Congratulations again for your guide, I wish you always keep your dynamism and your smile"

Commentaires Alibert du 13 au 20/07/2013

Reviews group Leclere

"Thank you Ludo for these beautiful photos, what a beautiful memory and thank you also for your patience Big kisses"

"A big thank you from the entire Allibert group. Thank you for your good mood and your kindness, your smile
Sylvie, Marie Christine, Anne, Bernadette, Philippe, Gisele, Isabelle

Commentaires Allibert du 20 au 27/07/2013

Reviews group Delaloye

"A big thank-you. The photos are beautiful ! We keep a great memory of our holidays in Madeira. friendships "
Lise Delaloye

Commentaires Allibert du 03 au 10/08/2013

Reviews family Cracowski

"Thanks for the photos, they are superb!

We loved our trek and the discovery of Madeira, a beautiful island; thank you also for your very rich botanical course ".

Commentaires Allibert du 10 au 17/08/2017

Reviews group Chevrier

"Thank you for your kindness and good mood and especially for these beautiful hikes. Very pleasant stay "
Roland and Odile

"Thank you Ludovic, great guide and always so attentive"
Monique and Jean François


Reviews group Torres

"From the whole group, Thank you for the photos, they are top.

Thank you for the good mood, for sharing your knowledge and your passion for Madeira "

Nicole, Jose, Nadine, Sophie, Marie Andree, Marie, Catherine, Anne, Mireille, Amandine, Vincent, François, Thierry, Julie, Frédérique

Commentaires Allibert du 20 au 27/09/2013

Reviews group Lacroix

"I keep an excellent memory of this hike, hard but delighted"


Reviews group Mickey

"Delighted by this little stay in Madeira and I thank you again for what you brought us."

"A big thank you for the photos. Some are really very successful, it must be said that the landscapes of Madeira are beautiful. We had a nice week with you and we had a good time before our busy days. "
Jacqueline and François

Commentaires Atalante du 26/04 au 03/05/2014

Reviews group Renner

"Thank you Ludo for your simplicity, sincerity, your competence and your desire to share your beautiful country"

"Thank you Ludovic for making us love this original island. Thank you for your kindness and your professionalism, and a special thank you for encouraging me without the climbs "

Commentaires Atalante du 03 au 10/05/201

Reviews group Cauboue

"What beautiful memories thanks to you Ludo, professional guide, attentive, friendly, handsome boy. I come back with plenty of sun in my head and my heart. Thank you"

"Thank you Ludo for this very pleasant and rewarding week. I appreciated your availability and your listening. I come back with a very good memory "

"Bird of paradise in memory of this green week, flower and sunny. Thanks to you"

Commentaires Atalante du 17 au 24/05/2014

Reviews group Espinoza

"Thank you Ludo for your good humor, your professionalism, sharing your knowledge of this island that you love so much. Do not change anything, stay authentic. "
Claire, Olivier and Mihaela

Commentaires Chamina du 26/05 au 02/06/2014

Reviews group Verite

"A big thank you for your help, your patience, your good mood ... that made this hike happen with a real pleasure in the charm of this beautiful island.
I will not miss, if requests are made, to recommend you to my friends and family. Receive my very loving thoughts "

Commentaires Chamina du 01 au 13/06/2014

Reviews group Haffner

"Well done, the photos are beautiful! Good memories ...... We had a good time. We thank you again for this wonderful stay. Sincerely "
Roger and Michèle.

Commentaires Chamina du 13 au 25/07/2014

Reviews group Cherel

"Thanks for the photos. I still wanted to thank you for your kindness, your patience and your efficiency. I am delighted to have tried this experience even though it was sometimes difficult.
With my best memory and Patrick's greetings. "
Michèle and Patrick

"We are very happy to have you as a guide, I wish you a lot of happiness for the future. Good luck to you on your magical island. "
Monique and Hervé

Commentaires Atalante du 02 au 16/08/2014

Reviews group Mathias

"Thank you for these 15 unforgettable days, this good mood and these good tables"

"Escubedo for these 15 days of unforgettable hikes, for these gourmet getaways, for the punctures and co, obrigada very much, muchas gracias"
Marie Helene, Olivier, Jean, Philippe

Commentaires Chamina du 17 au 29/05/2015

Reviews groupe Sellier

"Thank you for sending your photos that have brought back good memories"
Gilles and Françoise

"A big thank you for the photos, your kindness, your good mood and the sharing of your specific knowledge of Madeira. Hope to see you"
Bernard and Geneviève

Commentaires Chamina du 12 au 24/07/2015

Reviews group Vidal

"delicacy is a quality, the island of Madeira a treat to taste day by day. Thank you very much for this beautiful trip ".

"Thank you for introducing us to your adopted country. Everything was fine. See you soon."

Commentaires Chamina du 15 au 27/05/2016

Reviews group Noirfalise

"We returned last night 21:30 of our stay at MADEIRA, but will not wait any longer to congratulate you on the unfailing organization that has contributed to the enchantment of our hikes and of course to the competence of our guide Ludovic who is a real encyclopedia on the island that is so dear to him in his heart. He is a dedicated boy, of great availability and it is thanks to him that we had a wonderful stay ".
Claudine and Patrick

Commentaires Chamina du 17 au 24/09/2016

Reviews group Vasseur

"A big thank you to you for your beautiful photos and especially for the nice week you have provided. You have made us love your little piece of land, so varied in landscape and vegetation. We will not forget the good local tastings either !!!!!! We tell you again, when you go to France, Bordeaux is on the road to Poitiers! Our door is wide open. Good luck to you in your great job ".
François and Sylvie

Commentaires Juanalpa du 30/09 au 09/10/2016

Reviews group Juanalpa

"A big thank you Ludovic for your professionalism and your kindness. Thanks to you, this stay in Madeira will remain engraved in our memories. Continue to practice your profession as a guide with enthusiasm and this joie de vivre! "
Pascale, Aurora, Gilles, Marie Paule, Marie Jo, Jacques, Dominique

Commentaires Chamina du 06 au 13/05/2017

Reviews group Rochon

"Thank you Ludo. Without you, this wonderful experience would not have been possible. I will keep in my memory, with great tenderness, all the moments, the teachings and the words of shared motivation ".

"Thank you very much for this wonderful week of discoveries and laughter. I will remember it for a very long time

Commentaires Chamina du 21/05 au 02/06/2017

Reviews group Vigouroux

"Thank you for your kindness, your availability, your good mood, your knowledge, your attention to us. In short, thank you for everything "
Christian, Martine, Odile, Nicole, Marie Odile, Dorothy, Martine, Mireille, Pascal, Serge, Michele

"Hello comrade Guide Madeira. Thank you for this very pleasant stay, for your availability and your knowledge. We kiss you affectionately.
Brigitte and Christian

Commentaires accompagnements des 25, 27 et 28/10/2017

Reviews family Farine

"Thank you for these very pleasant days in landscapes and exchanges very interresting with you. Beautiful exotic discoveries and especially just beautiful for the eyes. Memories in the head. Thank you for sharing this drink with us. You made us share your passion for this island. "

Audrey, Laurent and Nolann

Reviews group Havas

"I received the photos: they are superb and very representative of what we experienced.
I take this mail to thank you again for the beautiful hike you made us do. Allibert can rank you among his very good guides.
 With my best memory."

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