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Simmons Family

A wonderful Chrismas period in Madeira

The Christmas trip to Madeira (22 - 30 dec) was great, especially due to the efforts of our terrific guide Ludo. In all honesty, I do not think I have had a better guide than Ludo during all of my trips thus far. His enthusiasm to show the best parts of the island (he really knows every nook and cranny) and his innate ability to tell a clear story in a cool and collective manner while passing beautiful sceneries in his comfortable car make the trips around the island absolutely worthwhile.

He also knows the best local restaurants where you can eat the finest Madeira has to offer, and the most surreal spots to capture the island by camera. The natural swimming pool at the edge of the island in Porto Moniz and the view at the highest parts of the island (where you are literally standing with your head in the clouds) are unforgettable! All the other places, such as Ribeira Brava and Camara de Lobos, each have their own charm and were nothing short from great as well. If you want to really make the most of your time in Madeira and see everything the island has to offer, I would definitely recommend Ludo as your guide!
Lastly, I want to use this moment to thank Ludo again for a great time! And of course for joining us for an unforgettable Christmas dinner. Both you and the island are awesome!

Bespoke East and West daytour with a mix group of family

We had a wonderful time with Ludovic, on the morning, arriving right on time when he came to pick us up he made a suggestion to change plans. Instead of doing the West tour to make the east tour instead for the weather promised clear skies which is not always the case, visibility & views would be best..and it was. Madeira managed to awe us in all it's splendor.
Ludovic is very knowledgeable, entertaining and very accommodating/anticipating to our mixed family group of 11 (age 75 to 12). He speaks several languages (French, English, Portuguese etc) which is an absolutely plus..The west tour a few days later was equality if not more enjoyable. The amount of pictures taken speak for itself

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