• observation de dauphin à Funchal, Madère

Full day tour - west Island Tour

From Funchal, departure for Camara de Lobos, a small coastal fishing village so picturesque with its colorful boats and narrow alleys. Then we leave for CaboGirão, one of the highest glass headlands in Europe, located 580m above the sea.

Along the coast, with the ocean as far as the eye can see, we pass close to the coastal village of Ribeira Brava, then we go towards the interior of the island in the direction of the Encumeada pass located at 1007 meters above sea level , the only place that allows us to appreciate the northern and southern slopes of the island.

Then, we take a mountain road which offers spectacular views of the valley and the central cordillera in the distance, which leads us to the Paul da Serra plateau, the only more or less flat region of Madeira, oscillating between 1300 and 1600 meters altitude. Many levadas leave from here, these irrigation canals created to transport water from the north of the island, which is wetter, towards the sunnier and therefore drier south side.

It is also on this plateau that you will be in direct contact with the Laurisilva, the original forest of Madeira dating from the tertiary era and today classified by Unesco.

The lunch break (supplement) will be in Porto Moniz, the northernmost city of Madeira. The restaurant is called Aqua Natura and offers delicious revisited traditional cuisine, in a room overlooking the natural pools and the Atlantic. Depending on the weather, possibility of swimming.

From Porto Moniz, we follow the north coast through the picturesque village of Seixal and its terraced vineyards. Throughout this trip, you can admire many waterfalls.

Before leaving for Funchal, a final stop will be made in the charming little village of São Vicente, home to a pretty little church, known for its paintings that line the walls. Depending on the schedule, tasting of Madeira wine in Funchal, in the most original place there is: an old Anglican church.

Every day from 9h to 17h

Adults> 12 years old: 35€
Children  under 12 years old: 20€



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